Join us each month for our Think Like a Brand Not Like a Brand Monthly Workshops! 

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 24th at 7pm EST and get ready to learn.

You’ve heard that creating a free resource is one of the best ways to build your know-like-and-trust factor and grow your email list.

 But when you hear words like freebie, opt-in, lead magnet, landing page and funnel, you don’t know what any of those things mean, or more importantly, how they can bring more clients into your practice.

Plus, you’re running a law firm. Can you really expect lead magnets and funnels to work for you? 

 When done right, they can.

In fact, in this month’s masterclass, I’m going to share my own lead magnet, landing page and funnel with you so you can see the potential this has AND see how it all fits together.



Even though you missed us live doesn’t mean you missed out!  Here are the on-demand Think Like a Brand Not Like a Lawyer workshops available for purchase. 

is designed to help you get your game plan figured out and stay on track during times of crisis. In this masterclass, I’ll guide you through how to proactively do things differently so you’re ahead of the curve of change. 


is the perfect starting point for attorneys looking to add a passive revenue stream to their law practice by creating an information product. I’ll give you an introduction to information products and share multiple ways for packaging and monetizing your legal expertise to create passive income, which will help you redesign your lifestyle. 

will teach you how to grow your firm by leveraging virtual assistance and contract attorneys. You’ll learn how to spend less time and make more money by hiring qualified team members to help run your business so you can focus on what you love most: practice law.

offers a step-by-step solution to create your first high-converting Facebook Ad.

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