If you are not yet on social media, I hope that by the end of this blog post, you are convinced that it is an essential part of your law practice’s growth online.

  1. Your clients are there – whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, your potential clients are highly likely to have an account with one of these social media platforms. Make it simple for them to make contact with you.
  2. Increase your visibility – being present means you are in front of your potential clients and become top of mind wherever they are. Be so visible that you are everywhere they turn. Ideally, you want them to know that you’re a lawyer they can turn to with a legal issue.
  3. Be relevant – social media sites usually bring out the news before it hits the news channels. Keep yourself up to date with the latest by being involved and relevant to what is happening in your industry. BONUS: weigh in on national legal stories as a subtle reminder that you are in fact a lawyer.
  4. Customer service at your clients’ fingertips – being on social media makes it easy for your potential clients to contact you for assistance and increase business for your practice.social-networking_110003204-012814-int
  5. Mobile is here to stay – more transactions are completed online with the rise of technological tools and apps that make it simple for the clients to buy. Social media is mobile friendly and being on social media means you are making the most of this opportunity.
  6. Make it easy for potential clients to find you – if you don’t have a website yet, having a social media presence can cover for that while you are working on setting up your website. The search engines can pick up your social media presence when that potential client searches for a lawyer on Google.
  7. Share your expertise – you can publish and share articles that help potential clients see what you can offer. Give them something to peak their interest and show them how great it would be to work with you.
  8. Live streaming – social media sites like Facebook, Periscope and Google+ enable you to connect live with potential clients from anywhere. Who would’ve thought this could happen 20 years ago?
  9. Create your community – social media makes it easier to gather your audience online. You can create Facebook Groups, Twitter Chats, LinkedIn Groups, or Google Plus Communities that help you grow your law practice online and offline as well.
  10. Research your clients’ activities – being present with your clients on social media allows you to provide a better service through observation and research of their online activities in order to better serve them.

Are you present on social media yet? What’s your favorite platform? Feel free to share your social media sites below so we can support each other. You can find me by clicking on the footer of my website to find me as well.



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