Opening Statement! Why Attorneys Should Guest Post On Other Attorneys Blogs

Attorneys should guest post on other attorneys blogs and websites because it is a win-win for both attorneys. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but creating content for others can be more valuable than creating content for yourself. I spend a lot of time in the entrepreneur and online business space and the influencers have discovered long ago the benefits of creating content for someone else’s audience, whether it is a guest post, podcast, blog, or video. Ultimately, by creating content for others you are adding value to your host’s audience and increasing your own reach. The BTBI Attorney mastermind group presents us attorneys with a unique opportunity to collaborate with one another to help each other grow beyond what we could have grown ourselves. The future of connecting with an audience is already here, and us attorneys need to catch up to the online business entrepreneurs that have paved the way for us. Here are 8 reasons why attorneys should guest post on other attorneys blogs.

#1 Your Own Website Can Rank Better On Google, Meaning More Leads

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is art of improving a websites rank on search engines such as Google. This is valuable because the higher your website ranks on Google, the more phone calls you will receive! I can speak with authority on this because I was able to start my law practice and bring in clients through SEO. Sometimes I get double-digit leads in a single day! The foundation of search engine optimization is to make relevant content to a particular audience. My website has a lot of valuable content on Maryland Landlord-Tenant law, so Google knows that my website is relevant to Marylanders searching for landlord-tenant lawyers.

After optimizing your website to a certain point, creating backlinks becomes even more valuable than creating content for your own website. Google believes that a website is more important if other relevant websites link back to it. BTBI members can guest post on other BTBI members blogs and create a backlink to their website. This makes Google think “This attorney is getting mentioned on other attorneys blogs a lot, let’s boost him or her in the rankings for people searching for attorneys!” Of course, SEO takes time so you will not see immediate results, but over time you will rank up! In this very post itself is a backlink that will increase my websites ranking over time!

#2 You Can Help Your Host Rank Better on Google

This post is not on my website and exclusively for BTBI (all guest posts should be exclusive to avoid Google duplicate content penalties) and it has been search-engine optimized for why attorneys should guest post on other attorneys blogs. In time Google will crawl and index this post for this phrase and serve it to people searching for it. Once they click the link, it will take them to take them to BTBI where they can read this article and hopefully they will stick around to read more content produced by BTBI. The win-win goes both ways!

#3 The Content You Want To Create May Make More Sense On Someone Else’s Blog

My firm website is primarily optimized for landlord-tenant law and in the process of being optimized for real estate business law. A blog post about why attorneys should guest post on other attorneys blogs would be completely out of place on my own website. On the other hand, BTBI is the online business and marketing school for modern attorneys. This is the perfect place for this post! I love practicing landlord-tenant and real estate law, but writing about it is boring. By guest posting on BTBI, I am able to write about something I enjoy, while boosting my visibility and my own websites ranking. I can defer writing about the eviction process to another day!

#4 Instant Credibility And Access Your Hosts Audience

Nakia (BTBI CEO) has built an incredible audience with BTBI. By allowing me to guest post here, she has given me access to an audience that has taken her years plan. An endorsement from Nakia also gives me instant credibility with her audience. At the very least, more people are willing to listen to what I have to say than if I posted just posted this to my own blog. This can help me build and grow my own audience if I deliver value to her audience. The bloggers and podcasters in the entrepreneurship space routinely share each other’s audiences to grow their business. We can do this as attorneys too! However, your audience does not need to be as big as BTBI’s in order to be valuable in order to participate and be valuable. My sharing of this post with my admittedly small audience will bring eyes to BTBI that have never seen it.

#5 You Can Add Value To Your Hosts Audience

By guest posting, you have an opportunity to add value to your host’s audience. For example, BTBI is the premier online business and marketing school for attorneys, and this post is on one of the best ways for an attorney to grow their business online. This kind of content is why BTBI is the resource lawyers love. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and guest posts allow BTBI to share multiple perspectives on how to do online business and marketing. When it comes to online business many people do the same thing different ways. Some entrepreneurs create helpful Facebook groups (hint hint), some create 6 figures businesses through Pinterest Marketing. The Video Game Attorney has built an amazing niche audience by using Reddit. Guests can share their own unique way to skin a cat and succeed in business online!

#6 You Can Develop Your Relationship With An Influencer or Your Host

By guest posting on another person’s blog they will appreciate that you have created valuable content for their audience. I know from experience that it is difficult for attorneys to blog as often as they would like and I would love guest posts on my blog. Nakia may just be a little more likely to send me a lead for a landlord-tenant or real estate case. Who knows? I may just become a regular guest poster here at BTBI and share SEO tips and be granted occasional access to her audience to grow my own. I may just start an SEO firm for lawyers one day and this could be my head start! Maybe I’ll help BTBI grow by BTBI attorneys can develop relationships with one another by adding value to each others practice!

#7 It’s Free!

Paid attorney advertising is expensive and many attorneys are priced out of the market for competitive areas. Google Adwords keywords for DUI and Personal Injury terms can easily cost over $50 per click. I’ve seen prices as high as $90.00. The prices are determined by bids and the large firms will not hesitate to spend six-figure budgets to stay at the top of Google. The cost for a DUI attorney to guest post to reach new audiences is just the time and effort spent into connecting with a host and polishing an article. I am also willing to go as far to say that this is a better long term strategy than an AdWords campaign. The downside is that it can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it!

#8 You Can Be Everywhere!

Guest blogging is just the start. Members of BTBI can share each others’ audiences and help one another’s business grow by getting on each other’s podcasts, YouTube Videos, Facebook Live, Webinars, or anywhere someone has an audience! The next time you hear from me I might be on a certain podcast hosted by a fellow BTBI member adding value to his audience! I may be on a criminal attorneys website discussing the crime of illegal eviction and the consequences landlords may face. I may be on a family law blog posting about why a Wife “Landlord” cannot evict her Husband “Tenant”. I get phone calls like that all the time believe it or not!

Closing Statement! Why Attorneys Should Guest Post On Other Attorneys Blogs

I hope that I have provided you with another tool in your toolbox to help you grow your business as BTBI and its members (You! Yes you!) have provided me. By joining BTBI seminars I have learned how to spice up my “secret sauce” and to build a practice that I enjoy. I do not practice any areas of law I do not want to just to make money, I can be successful doing what I enjoy! I have had lunch with BTBI members (you know who you are!) that have shared practice pointers with me that have helped me develop even further. You have given me referrals as the “Landlord-Tenant Guy” (Hopefully this changes to real estate business guy! More shameless self-promotion, I am a Settlement Attorney now feed me closings!) and I cannot be more thankful for your support. Without your support, I would not be The Realest Real Estate Attorney in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. I hope that this helps BTBI and each of its members just as you have helped me! By guest posting, we can all help one another grow!

If you’re an attorney reading this and you are not currently a member of the BTBI Attorney Mastermind FB Group, then thanks for taking the time to read this post as well! I plan on regularly dropping SEO and online marketing tips like this over at BTBI and I do not want you to miss out! If you are interested in joining our FB group you can message me on FB and I will send you an invite. Or you can type in BTBI Attorney Mastermind Facebook Group in the search bar.

Introducing Attorney Guest Posting At BTBI!

Nakia has graced me with the honors of doing the first guest post at BTBI, in part to set a standard for the quality of work and value you can expect to receive from the members of our mastermind. I have no doubts in my mind that my BTBI fellows will raise the bar even higher! My BTBI attorney fellows will follow me up with value bombs and their own unique perspectives on topics including but not limited to: How to creatively price services, SEO, Delegation, Branding, Facebook Marketing, Podcasting, Automation, Virtual Assistants, YouTube Marketing, Pinterest marketing, Reddit Marketing, Quora Marketing, practice management and beyond! BTBI is truly a “Mastermind” group where it’s members share the wealth of knowledge to help each other build the law firms of the future.

If you are interested in joining our FB group you can message me on FB and I will send you an invite. Or you can type in BTBI Attorney Mastermind Facebook Group in the search bar.

Lastly, I know you’re thinking this. Yes, this is an attorney guest post about the benefits of attorney guest posting in order to introduce attorney guest posting to BTBI. Clever right? 😉



About The Author Brian Pendergraft

Brian Pendergraft Esq. is a part-time Real Estate Business Attorney, a part-time SEO guy, and a full-time student at Beyond The Bar Institute. He helps anyone who wants to make money in real estate such as landlords, title companies, investors, and brokers. For fun he likes to learn new ways to make money. You can learn more about Brian Pendergraft and his practice at his website This is the backlink! (:


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