What’s the first thing you do before you find a new doctor, a new dentist, or a financial planner?

You read the reviews, of course. You wanna know if they’re competent, if past patients or clients have had a good experience or not. 

We do this for more basic purchases too … when we need a new refrigerator or want to buy a new book – we read the reviews, first. 

In fact, every one of my clients has told me that before they hired me they read over the testimonials on my website – and this is exactly why reviews and testimonials are so important.

But there’s more to it than just having them. You want to have share-worthy testimonials that are well-written and go more in depth than simply saying, “So-and-so is awesome. You should hire them.” 

That’s why what you really need is a system for getting top-notch reviews and referrals (cause we like referrals, too).

I mean, when a client has an amazing experience working with me, I want to get that experience in writing (or recorded) so that I can share it with the world.

The problem is because most people don’t have a system for collecting reviews, they often let those clients who have amazing things to say, fade away because they either …

  • Cringe at the thought of asking for a testimonial.
  • Feel pushy giving their business cards to client and asking them to pass them on.
  • Or feel all sorts of awkward when nothing materializes in their inbox – no testimonial, no referrals – and are too embarrassed to ask why.

If your testimonials and referrals are stuck living on a prayer, then this is one training you don’t want to miss because I’m gonna break down exactly what I do to get share-worthy reviews and snag top-notch referrals, and I’m gonna give you my system so that you can do it too.

Join me on Tuesday, November 17th at 7 PM EST for our Rinse and Repeat Masterclass and get ready to shift how you go from asking for testimonials and referrals to getting them and utilizing them on your website, on social media, and in your legal services guide.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to create a post-working together survey or email that doesn’t go unanswered
  • How to seamlessly ask for (and receive) a share-worthy review or testimonial
  • The best ways to strategically use your reviews and testimonials to book more consultations
  • How to use social media as an easy place for clients to pop in reviews and referrals
  • The best way to reward clients who send referrals your way

Don’t let not knowing how to ask for a testimonial or referral stop you from getting them. Don’t fail to follow up if a client said they would write you a testimonial. And don’t let the testimonials you do get just sit idle in your inbox – use them. 

Find out how to up your testimonial and referral game.

This class is for you if:

  • You’re ready to crack the code on getting testimonials that work for you
  • You want a proven system for obtaining high-quality reviews and referrals
  • You want to utilize the reviews you do have in a way that gets them seen and builds your credibility
  • You’re tired of asking for testimonials and referrals and never getting any 
  • You’re ready to showcase what you do for your clients but in their own words – not yours

Let’s streamline your system for securing share-worthy reviews and top-notch referrals.


Enroll in the Masterclass

A one-time payment of $297 gives you a seat at the live session and lifetime access to the recording as well as the Rinse and Repeat workbook.

The workbook includes sections on how to ask for a testimonial (complete with sample scripts), what questions to ask in your email to help your clients provide a better review, how to utilize the reviews you get on all platforms, and how to capitalize on getting past clients to send referrals your way.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers:

What if I can’t attend the live event? Can I still register?

Absolutely! We include free lifetime access to the recording so you can watch as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

I’ve had good luck getting testimonials, but I don’t think they’re share-worthy. Plus, I don’t know how, when or where to share them. Should I take this Masterclass?

Absolutely! With my proven system, you’ll learn how to ask better questions that in turn get you better testimonials and you’ll learn how, when and where to share your reviews and ask for referrals.

I’m already a Make It Rrain Online Member. Will this Masterclass be available in the Membership portal?

Yes! As always, you are already enrolled! No need to register.

This class sounds good, but I have a few questions. Can I speak with someone?

Of course! Shoot us an email at info@beyondthebarinstitute.com, and we will be happy to address any questions you might have.

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