3 Time Management Tips to Save You A Bundle

Time is money, right? At least, that’s what people say, and I think we can all agree there aren’t always enough hours in the day to do everything we want, which can feel like we’re limiting our income. More tasks need attention than clients in any law practice, and finding the right balance can be… well, complicated. Case in point, every new client adds at least twenty new tasks to your calendar from inquiry to closing a case. Clients’ tasks, being the clients are the lifeblood of any firm, take priority above everything else. So how can a lawyer juggle the needs of their clients and the needs of their business? Let me share some time management tips I’ve implemented along the way to manage my time and create more income.

1- Digital Case Management System. There are multiple options out there, but this has been one of the best things I added to my firm. Whether you have a brick and mortar firm, a virtual practice, or a combination of the two, this software is a game-changer. It houses everything you need for each client and is accessible to the client. Yup. Less time making update phone calls. Send them a secure message through the portal. Need a document from the client? They upload it, and it gets automatically added to their case file. No more looking for files, remembering to bring something home from the office {or back to it if you decided to work from home one day}, let alone the reduction in printing costs, paper storage solutions cost, and it makes collaboration a dream. No more chasing down the paralegal or secretary to get the file you need. Everyone has access. ALL. THE. TIME.

2- Team Management Platforms. Again, there are a bazillion {not a technical term, but do a quick online search, and you’ll see what I mean} options available. These platforms are a huge timesaver; some go so far as to brag that using their system can save you a day a week. Crazy? Nope. {Imagine what you could do with an extra 8+ hours a week. The possibilities are endless!} Think of these tools like a planner on steroids. You can plan out the tasks to be completed, break them into different parts, assign pieces to other employees, and track progress without doing anything other than logging in. No more need for status update emails or lengthy team meetings. These platforms can give you at a glance status on anything you are tracking. This also includes things like marketing, sales promotions, HR, billing, etc. They are only limited by your imagination. Whether you have a brick and mortar firm or online practice, these platforms are a must-have.

3- Calendar Scheduling. Online scheduling has changed my life {Seriously. I have more time for what I want to focus on because I went virtual with my calendar}. Imagine a world where your potential new client has already sent an inquiry and wants to sit down to talk {and pay your retainer}. Now, imagine you already have designated times available that they can schedule themselves. Has your mind been blown yet? No paying a client concierge or receptionist to schedule the appointment. No need for you to get on the phone only to schedule a future meeting. NOPE. You set up a system where your available times are viewable and dictate the meeting’s predetermined length of time. So, your potential new client gets a link in their email to set an intake meeting, which you typically allow 30 minutes for. They click this link and have access to a calendar for you. They select a time that works for them, and the program blocks out 30 minutes on your calendar. Both of you get an email reminder for the meeting {You can even add video chat links as well if the session is virtual}. Clients take ownership of their time, and you retain ownership of yours!

You have it, my top-three time-saving tips to reclaim your time so you can be more productive! Remember, time is money, and I want you to have a lot more time.


P.S. If you need help creating more time in your workday, contact me for a 1:1 consulting session. I help lawyers find freedom and flexibility in their practice. 

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