It seems that everywhere we turn, we are being encouraged to “stay positive” and be “happy.” From Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song that uplifts us, to the many positive quotes on our social media feeds, we are surrounded with positivity.

Everyone isn’t jumping on the positive bandwagon though.  There are skeptics and those jaded with cynicism who say being positive is a joke and doesn’t really change their circumstances.  They say that thinking positive isn’t going to change the fact that they can barely pay their bills each month, or that their heart has just been broken by someone they love.

I get it.  For a person who is barely surviving, thinking positive may seem like an abstract solution and not realistically going to change their circumstances.

My response to them is this:  While thinking positive may not change the actual circumstances, it will change how you view and feel about those circumstances.

You attract what you think.  Negative thoughts breeds negative results.

Quite frankly, thinking negatively won’t change your circumstances either.

Being positive doesn’t mean that life will be a cakewalk and that you won’t face challenges.

Shifting your mindset is about looking for something good to hang on to despite your dire circumstances.

Here are 3 ways to shift your mindset

1)  Look past the surface

Looking at what is immediately upon you blinds you from seeing that the situation is temporary and doesn’t have to last forever.  You hate your job?  Start looking for a new one.  Your finances are tight?  Look for a way to make additional income.  You hate winter?  Spring is bound to come…eventually!  Stop whining about temporary circumstances that you have the power to change or those that are bound to change.  I’ve never heard of a year that Spring didn’t show up.

2)  Stop looking for things to complain about

People complain about everything.

Traffic…Monday…Kim Kardashian…

GET OVER IT!  When you are constantly looking for something to complain about, you are actually missing out on opportunities to make things better for yourself.

The harsh reality is this:

You can’t change the traffic. You just have to deal with it.  Figure out a way to get something done while you’re stuck in traffic.  Listen to your favorite CD or download a personal development audio book.

Mondays happen every single week. Get over why you hate Mondays and make a change. Click To Tweet

(I personally LOVE Mondays).

Kim Kardashian is certainly not thinking about you.  How she lives her life has no impact whatsoever on how you should be living yours.  Tune out the gossip and meaningless obsession with celebrities and focus on your own life.

3)   Find something…ANYTHING that makes you smile.  

Your kids, your alone time getting your mani-pedi, your wedding day.  There has to be something that actually makes you smile.  Whatever it is, be sure to ponder it everyday at some point.  Although it may not fix your situation, it will make you feel better when you think about it and remind you that not everything in your life is bad.


What do you do to stay positive in the midst of life’s challenges?  Please share in the comments.

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