Billing shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to retainer fees. With the world increasingly turning into a cashless society, every possible payment option should be made available to clients. One of the options that becoming more than a trend is the use of credit cards.

When we speak of credit cards, we can name convenience as its main advantage for your clients. Click To Tweet

It will provide them an option to pay for unanticipated legal fees that may arise from anything that may come up unexpectedly. Life is full of surprises anyway.

On the other hand, it will be an added protection for your firm from collection to payment disputes because it helps you keep track of everything that is billed and collected. Your staff can focus on your cases and building your practice instead of the possible litigation with delinquent accounts.

credit-card-languageIt can also help you market your firm since you provide a broader payment option that will attract a more diversified client base marginalized by cash-payment only practice.

If you decide to add a merchant account for credit card payments, you need credit card language to your retainer agreements to protect you from future disputes. One of the most effective way to prevent any misunderstanding is to have everything on black and white.

Lawpay, a credit card payment processing company that caters to the unique needs of lawyers and approved by the American Bar Association provides ready to use forms that you can utilize in your practice.

The first form covers collecting credit card information on an invoice or placing a client on a payment plan.

The second form is intended for friends and family who are making payments on behalf of your clients.
● Friends-and-Family-Authorization.pdf
● LawPay-Authorization-Form.pdf

These authorization forms will help you add credit card processing language on your invoices and also your retainer agreements.
I’ve been a faithful Lawpay customer since I started my practice and I highly recommend them.



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