Remember how excited you were when you graduated from law school?

And when you found out you passed the Bar Exam?

Then somehow you were thrown into practicing and slowly that excitement that you once had began to fade.

In a time where many lawyers are OVERworked, OVERwhelmed, and simply just OVER it, the best way for you to fall back in love with practicing is to tap into your passion and build a niche practice around it.

Lawyers who choose a niche practice area increase the chances of really enjoying their work. When you practice as a generalist, you may find yourself doing work you don’t really enjoy for people you don’t necessarily like.

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Finding your niche practice area may or may not be an easy choice for you. But, there are many reasons why you should choose to specialize:

  • Your potential and current clients will see you to as the “go-to” source: And don’t we all want to be known as the EXPERT?
  • Referral rates will be higher and more targeted: You will start attracting more of the clients you truly want to work with and less of the ones you don’t really want to work with
  • Generalist vs. Specialist: Clients will pay premium rates for the specialist and they will expect the generalist to be less knowledgeable and to cost less.

Ok so that all sounds great doesn’t it?

But what you really want to know is, how to you choose your niche, right?

Ok. First start with whatever you’re passionate about. If you’re going to be working day and night practicing law, you should at least find something that makes actually want to go to the office each day.

I ran across an article about how John Szymankiewicz has branded himself as the “Beer Lawyer.”

His practice is focused on the craft beer, winery, and craft distillery industries where he advises his clients on business and intellectual property issues, some of which are specific and unique to the alcohol production and sales business

Branding himself in a way that captures his interests and allows him to really market to small business owners in the alcohol business is genius.

How cool is that to have clients who not only need his legal expertise but can also give him some good beer.

Next, you may want to consider the local market where you live:

  • Do you live in an area with a more mature demographic where Elder Law may be on the rise?
  • Are you in a state that has recently legalized same-sex marriage? Perhaps there is a need for Estate Planning or Family Law geared toward this population.
  • Are you close to a U.S. border? Specialized Immigration Law may be the best option.
  • Are you close to an area that is part of the growing renewable energy boom such as Shale Fracking? Then Energy Law could be the field of expertise for you.

According to US News, the fastest growing practice areas of law are:

  1. Health Care Law
  2. Intellectual Law
  3. Corporate Law

There is also a growing number of entrepreneurs in America. With access to the internet, online businesses are popping up daily.

You may want to consider targeting entrepreneurs in an industry that would be exciting for you, like personal trainers, or beauty professionals, or fashion designers.

The truth is everyone in business needs legal advice and contracts for their business.

Whichever niche practice area you choose will provide foundation for your legal career as well as catapult you into practicing law in a way that you actually love.


Do you have a niche practice area? Share in the comments and include a link to your website so we can check you out.

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