5-Day Client Attraction Bootcamp

Struggling to Find the Clients For Your Law Firm You Want and Need?

If you’re spinning in circles, pulling your hair out and still not coming up with a solid way to bring in new clients, then this 5-Day Client Attraction Bootcamp is a must-do.

Join me starting March 22 at 12 PM EST and get 30-minutes of valuable training as I breakdown the BIGGEST problem we lawyers have when it comes to getting clients and how you can course-correct that fast.

Think Like a Brand, Not Like a Lawyer

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that law school didn’t prepare us for this. And this – consistently bringing in clients – is an absolute must if you want to make money and grow your practice.

As part of this 5-Day Bootcamp, you’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to:

Get a steady flow of clients (the kind you want to work with) and cash into your practice so you can hire help AND grow.

Be recognized as THE go-to expert in your niche practice area.

Release yourself from any internet shame you feel when scrolling through attorney Facebook groups (ya’ know when it seems like everyone but you has cracked the code to getting clients).

Don’t miss your chance to get a front-row seat to this challenge and to start implementing the client-generating steps I’m going to share.

(This Bootcamp doesn’t come around that often, so get it while it’s here.)

This has been a huge help!
Definitely more comfortable now after taking the course…
The course has already given me a new perspective though, so thank you so much!


Meet Your Host

I’m Nakia Gray, founder of Beyond the Bar Institute (BTBI), a personal branding agency for attorneys who are ready to stand out in their practice area, serve more clients, and boost their bottom line.

And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that most lawyers are stuck in the traditional this-is-what-it-means-to-be-a-lawyer mindset, and though that’s worked up to a point, in a COVID-19 world that approach doesn’t work like it used to.

From my own experience and from current events, I know that if you want to make it as a lawyer right now, you’ve got to lawyer differently and think like a brand, not like a lawyer. This is what I teach attorneys how to do.

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