Beyond the Bar Institute (BTBI)

Who are we and how can we help you?

BTBI is a personal branding and online marketing consultancy for attorneys who are ready to leverage the internet to build their brand, attract more clients, and create a freedom-based law practice.

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In case we haven’t met and you’re wondering who the heck I am…

I’m Nakia Gray and I run an online law practice. Embracing the internet and technology has literally changed my life. Having virtual staff, online systems, and passive income has allowed me to step away from my practice, without having to worry about generating new clients, handling client casework, or meeting my firm’s financial goals.

In 2014, I created what I wish existed when I first started my practice…BTBI, an online business school for attorneys.

I’ve packaged an online suite of coaching, consulting, mentorship, and “at your own pace” home study programs into a digital community for entrepreneurial lawyers who are tired of being the best-kept secret.

Your dream of a flexible law firm starts her. Now!

Let’s talk soon.


Our programs show you step-by-step how to:

  • Master the mindset shift necessary to practice law in the digital age – Think like a brand. not like a lawyer.
  • Build a personal brand so that you stand out as the go-to expert in your practice area
  • Develop an online marketing strategy so you attract the right clients and create a flow of endless referrals into your law firm.
  • Use technology and online tools to save time so you can be more efficient
  • Hire virtual staff to scale your practice and make more
  • Package, Promote, and Profit from your legal expertise without trading hours for dollars

Whether you are a new solo practitioner or you’ve been at this for years, BTBI will challenge you to step your game up and really run your law practice like the successful business that it can be.

Here’s how we can help you

1:1 Consulting Programs

We know that law school didn’t teach you anything about how to build a brand or how to market yourself online. Let us show you how to build the brand you need to create a successful online practice.

Monthly Masterclass

We host a monthly online masterclass on topics such as goal setting, how to use social media to get clients, and tech tips to help you build a virtual law practice.

Make it Rain Online is our exclusive membership for attorneys who are ready to carve out their own lane online so they can attract more clients, increase profits, and design their law practice for location independence.

Think of it as your one-stop-shop for connection, inspiration, and streamlined pieces of training to help you turn YOUR vision into reality. It’s a place to keep you focused on and working towards the goals you have to grow your law practice online.

Are you ready to step into the digital era and discover potential clients online? How about hanging a virtual shingle and having new clients come to you?

Let’s get intentional about building your personal brand so you can attract more clients online and take your law practice to the next level. Join me for the THINK LIKE A BRAND NOT LIKE A LAWYER mini-course to learn the steps every lawyer needs to take NOW to create an online presence as the superstar lawyer you are.

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