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You went to law school. You passed the Bar. You hung out your shingle and you deserve a law practice that gives you joy and freedom.


maybe you’re not making the revenue you should be making to maintain the lifestyle you dreamed of when you first started…

– OR –

maybe all the demands of running a practice, serving your clients, or staying on top of the law has totally burned you out…

– OR –

maybe you have no time to market or plan your business (yes, your law practice is a business) because you’re too busy practicing law!


A clear, step-by-step blueprint for working smarter and not harder; making more money; and marketing strategies to help you get clear on what you really want out of your law practice.

It’s time to get intentional and practice with purpose so you can get the clients and cash flow you deserve.

Beyond the Bar Institute

“I’m living proof that it’s possible to fall head over heels in love with your law practice”Because law school didn’t teach you how to build a law practice.

~Nakia Gray, Founder BTBI

BTBI is a “business school” for modern attorneys.

What we know for sure is that the practice of law is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. Modern-day law practice requires us to build a brand, and use modern marketing and messaging strategies that are authentic and connect with clients we want to hire us.

Technology and the internet has changed the way the world operates and BTBI is here to bridge the gap for attorneys who need help with running their law practice like a business.  Essentially, we help attorneys Think Like a Brand and Not Like A Lawyer.  Our Programs will show you step-by-step how to build a unique and recognizable brand, market yourself and your practice more effectively, and utilize modern technology to help you build a rewarding and profitable law practice.

The Lady behind BTBI

Nakia Gray, Esq. is a business and marketing strategist who has been quite successful at building a law practice and establishing herself as an expert because she knows how to apply basic business and marketing principles to practicing law.

In 2015, after 9 years of a heavy litigation practice, Nakia shifted gears and launched a virtual law firm which allows her to serve clients as long as she has access to a computer and internet connection. Learning to use and leverage the internet and digital marketing tools has been a game changer for Nakia. She has a very rewarding practice that allows her the flexibility to serve clients that she truly loves, no matter where they are located.

Nakia is armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, a master’s degree in Strategic Communication, a Juris Doctor, and over 15 years of marketing and legal experiencing, including building a successful law practice. Nakia enjoys sharing her demonstrated strategies and practices with you to help you develop a vision for your practice, including how to attract the clients you want to work with and clients who will be happy to pay your fees.

BTBI Attorney Mastermind Group

Please join us on Facebook in our FREE group of  like-minded attorneys where we help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and cheer each other on.


We host both in person and online workshops on topics such as goal setting, how to use a blog to get clients, how to market on Facebook, how to use LinkedIn to get referrals, and tech tips to help you build a virtual law practice. Sign up to get notified of future workshops plus gain access to the recordings of our previous workshops.


We regularly post tips, tricks, resources and
how-to’s on our blog.

Get one-on-one guidance from Nakia

We have helped many attorneys just like you help create a powerful brand, and begin practicing law with purpose and intention. To learn more about our private and group coaching programs

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